1 killed in train derailment in Texas and damaged gas line

A backyard structure, a fence, and a gas metre were all damaged when two train carriages derailed, according to a statement made late on Monday by the El Paso Fire Department.

It advised people to stay away from the vicinity of Franklin and Barton because it was a “as a safety precaution” and stated that surrounding homes had been evacuated “as a safety measure.”

At least one person perished in the train derailment, according to a later statement from the fire service. The manner of their death was unclear, and the victim’s identity was not made public by the authorities. The fire brigade stated that there were no other injuries.


Around two hours after the incident was first reported, the fire department provided an update in which they stated that the damaged gas line had been turned off and the evacuation warnings had been revoked. It said that about 50 people have been permitted to return to their houses. What precipitated the derailment of the train was not immediately apparent.

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