This Deluxe Steam Deck Kickstand Makes A Huge Difference

Photo: Kotaku While the Steam Deck, Valve’s souped-up mini PC, offers a wealth of gaming experiences in a portable format, the lack of a kickstand has been a sore spot. Enter the Deckmate: A simple, plastic bracket that lets you attach not just a very handy kickstand, but also several other specialized mounting solutions to … Read more

Chess Champion Breaks Silence On ‘Anal Bead’ Cheat-gate

Photo: Arun Sankar (Getty Images) After nearly a month of anal bead memes and chess drama, world champion Magnus Carlsen has finally opened up about his stunning defeat to 19-year-old grandmaster Hans Niemann and his shocking stunts that followed in the aftermath. Long story short: He thinks Niemann is a cheater, over the board and … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Boss Seems Clueless On Ubisoft’s Toxic Culture

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty Images) In a new interview with La Presse, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot appeared to say that toxicity in the games industry comes from necessary “friction” in the creative process. The implication was that it was almost inescapable. Two years into a workplace reckoning over sexual harassment, misconduct, and browbeating at the … Read more

Overwatch 2 Devs Spent A Year Making Genji’s Customizable Mythic Skin – Exclusive Interview

Overwatch 2 introduces a bevy of new characters, maps, and modes when it launches early next week. However, the most significant change arriving alongside the sequel’s new free-to-play format is a Battle Pass. The pass’ free track allows players to unlock a new support character named Kiriko, while its premium track – which costs $10 or 1,000 Overwatch … Read more

Walmart Joining The Metaverse Via Roblox, Targeting Kids

Image: Roblox / Walmart It’s 2022, which means that at least one company is announcing some new thing that is connected to NFTs or the metaverse in an attempt to stay relevant in our rapidly collapsing capitalist hellscape. Today’s wheel spins landed on Walmart, Roblox, and “The Metaverse.” Retail giant and horrible company Walmart is … Read more

E3 Will Be Back At The Los Angeles Convention Center This June

Photo: ESA Despite the cancellations of prior years and the general uncertainty about its future, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) just announced that the E3 games expo will be returning to the Los Angeles Convention Center as a live event next year. So if you want to brave crowds of sweaty gamers to get a … Read more

The Nier Automata Anime Just Got A Trailer And Release Details

2B continues to carry the weight of the world on her hips.Gif: A-1 Pictures/ PlatinumGames / Kotaku We’ve been waiting since February, when a cryptic teaser went up hinting at an anime adaptation for the popular Japanese action-RPG Nier: Automata, for more details on the promising project. This weekend, we finally got not one, but … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 Players Really Hate That One Edgerunners Baddie

You look like a cut of shootable meat, Adam Smasher.Image: CD Projekt Red If you’ve spent any time on the internet this past weekend, whether Reddit or Twitter or YouTube, you’ve undoubtedly seen Cyberpunk 2077 all over the timeline again—and for good reason. With the recent debut of Studio Trigger’s excellent anime adaptation, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, … Read more