Laxman Narasimhan now Starbucks’ New CEO

Narasimhan 55, Narasimhan will assume the reins of Starbucks daily operations from Schultz 1 April Starbucks announced this in a press announcement.

Narasimhan announced earlier on Thursday that he was planning to quit in September at the end of the month as the company’s CEO. U.K.-based cleaning and health product maker Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of Lysol and Clearasil the latter of which that he’s held for three years.

The Indian-born Narasimhan was employed in various executive positions at PepsiCo between 2012 and 2019 before becoming chief commercial officer. He also at one time, struck an agreement with Starbucks for a partnership to sell the coffee brand’s pre-packaged drinks in The Wall Street Journal.

Narasimhan worked for 19 years at McKinsey & Co. prior to joining PepsiCo.

Narasimhan was recognized by analysts for executing an effective turnaround plan at Reckitt by selling its underperforming units and profiting from a spike of demand Lysol in the wake of the epidemic.

Two of his children are with their parents in the U.S. and he had considered returning to his home country as per The New York Times.

Schultz has been acting as interim CEO since March. This is his third term as the CEO of the business, after former chief Kevin Johnson stepped down. His tenure as CEO has been turbulent and the CEO has been pushing against a growing unionization program in Starbucks’ stores. Unions have been formed over 200 Starbucks stores over the last couple of months, and organization efforts are under way at a number of locations. Schultz has also advocated for a major overhaul of the company that includes rethinking the way baristas prepare drinks.

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