“Loose Women” the world’s most-hated TV show for not acknowledging Queen’s failing health

British talk show that airs on daytime Loose Women is generally known for its jovial chats about the happenings of the day. However, the show is now in hot water for not interrupting the show to inform viewers of the latest news regarding the health of Queen Elizabeth II.

At around 12:00 noon GMT, Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II was receiving medical treatment in the hospital and her medical professionals were “concerned”. The announcement of the Queen’s health coming from Buckingham Palace is not typical which is why the majority of TV stations immediately halted their scheduled programming to report the story.

The show’s inability to acknowledge the issue has led to a flood of criticism from the British media and the public in the sense that the show appeared to be deciding that it is more important to keep debating how children can be too smart.

If something goes wrong you can be sure that this will be the only part of an endless list of controversy concerning various organizations and figures which have not earned enough respect. Anyone who is a public figure — particularly those from the United Kingdom — should be watching the words they speak about very closely in the coming minutes, unless people’s ire is cast upon them.

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