It’s A Great Time To Jump Into The Hilarious Elden Ring Manga

Elden Ring has an official free-to-read manga. It’s a comedy, something totally unexpected and truly nothing like the game itself despite some characters fitting their roles to a T. And now, after a new set of chapters has dropped for a limited time, I can confidently say that Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree … Read more

Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

Image: Valve People like to buy games from and play games in Steam, but anyone interested in really poking around the site (like us, it’s our job) has two things they want to know: which games are selling the most copies, and which games are being played the most. Valve’s new “Steam Charts” page puts … Read more

GoldenEye And Other Great Classics Heading To Nintendo Switch Online

Image: Nintendo / MobyGames Everyone’s favorite 1997 multiplayer shooter is finally coming to Switch Online alongside a stack of other Nintendo 64 games including Mario Party and Pokémon Stadium. Better yet, GoldenEye 007 64 will launch with online play. While we don’t yet have a release window for GoldenEye, the eight other games announced for … Read more