It’s Like Next-Gen Monster Hunter, Except EA Is Making It

Gif: EA / Koei Tecmo / Kotaku EA and Koei Tecmo are teaming up to create a Monster Hunter-style experience with Wild Hearts, they revealed today. A two-and-half minute debut trailer shows off lush environments, intimidating encounters, and some cool weaponry. The game also looks to be taking cues from Koei Tecmo’s monster-hunting Toukiden series, … Read more

Overwatch 2 Devs Spent A Year Making Genji’s Customizable Mythic Skin – Exclusive Interview

Overwatch 2 introduces a bevy of new characters, maps, and modes when it launches early next week. However, the most significant change arriving alongside the sequel’s new free-to-play format is a Battle Pass. The pass’ free track allows players to unlock a new support character named Kiriko, while its premium track – which costs $10 or 1,000 Overwatch … Read more

Dead Space Studio Is Making An Iron Man Game With Marvel

Iron Man as seen in Square Enix’s Avengers game. Image: Square Enix / Marvel Today, EA and Marvel announced that Motive Studio is developing a new, single-player, third-person, action-adventure game starring Iron Man. This confirms earlier rumors that such a game was in early development at Motive, the same studio behind the upcoming Dead Space … Read more

PS5’s New VR2 Tech Is Making A Great First Impression

Image: Sony Sony’s PSVR for PlayStation 4, the first serious VR add-on for a console, did pretty darn well for itself. It was reasonably affordable, well received by players and critics alike, and got a lot more post-launch support than many prior PlayStation hardware efforts (RIP, dear Vita). Now, various outlets have gotten their first … Read more