Overwatch 2: Blizzard Removing SMS Protect Functionality For A Lot Of Players

Since the launch of Overwatch 2 earlier this week, the game has struggled in a number of ways. Some players are excited about the numbered sequel while others wonder why this wasn’t just a big update for the original Overwatch, which is no longer accessible. Regardless, actually playing Overwatch 2 has been its own challenge … Read more

Genshin Impact Will Not Add Endgame Content, Upsetting Players

Image: HoYoverse HoYoverse has always struggled to satisfy its hardcore Genshin Impact audience, but the tension came to a boil when the studio confirmed on October 1 that it will not add more endgame content. The endgame dungeon Spiral Abyss will remain the only way players can test their most competitive compositions. And a lot … Read more

This Top 100 Chess Player’s Cheating Confession Is Unbelievable

Photo: Hudson (Getty Images) On Tuesday evening, The Wall Street Journal published a high-level overview of a report produced by Chess.com, all about Hans Niemann, the player suspected of cheating at the Sinquefield Cup against reigning five-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. (Possibly, the internet has repeatedly joked, with the help of anal beads.) Not … Read more

Tekken Players Are Debating How ‘Anti-Beginner’ The Series Is

Go ahead, lemme see you practice.Screenshot: Bandai Namco Studios Recently, the fighting game community has been at each other’s throats over how “anti-beginner” the Tekken series is. Tekken 7, the latest entry to forgo a tutorial mode, is at the discourse’s center, with one player suggesting it needs changes to stay relevant. A good tutorial … Read more

Among Us Players Are Using The Lobbies To Have Cyber Sex Now

Filtering through the Northern American server of Among Us, users will stumble across a variety of oddly-titled lobbies. “HornyRPOnly,” or “SingleGirl,” even “Hrny Bakugo RP.” Inside these lobbies are a multitude of horny gamers, searching for like minded individuals to cyber with. As a 27-year-old looking to play their favorite guilty pleasure game, but with … Read more

Genshin Impact Devs Reveal Boss That’s Killed The Most Players

Image: HoYoverse Yesterday, the developers of Genshin Impact posted the latest edition of the RPG’s online newsletter, which usually details fun statistics about the behaviors and experiences of its massive playerbase. Usually, they’re fun facts such as the number of times players have drowned, or the number of players who have maxed out the game’s … Read more

Overwatch 2: It Will Take New Players About 100 Matches To Unlock All Original Heroes

Overwatch 2 players new to the series will have to unlock the original characters, meaning that cast won’t be available on day one.  This news comes from a new Overwatch 2 blog post, as reported by Destructoid. In it, Blizzard says a consistent piece of feedback it has received is that new players feel overwhelmed … Read more

T-Pain Tells Awful Apex Legends Players To Touch Grass

Message. Screenshot: Paradox Interactive / Kotaku It’s not often that a rapper goes to bat for a video game developer after a disgruntled fan base enacts gross harassment, but not all rappers are built like T-Pain. In a recent Tweet, the autotune wordsmith issued a statement in solidarity with Respawn, the developers behind the popular … Read more